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Who is "The Right Start Pet Food"....

Frank & Fran Bartuccio | Founders| Breeders | Co-Owners

An Australian made and operated pet food company who embraces pet ownership, understanding the needs pet owners desire for their pets in acquiring a diet serving the nutritional essentials pets need every day.  Our priority is your pets health, that is our 100% promise and guarantee across all our raw signature range of ready-to-eat meals a BARF diet for your dogs essential wellness.

Our mission it to create a ready made nutritional raw complete balanced meal for all pets big and small. Our combined knowledge and ability as breeders since 2000 and pet-owners needs, we have developed a comprehensive nutritional meal for the overall wellbeing, vital for our pets. Our unique recipe signature formulated by like minded people who have been breeding pure pedigree dogs in Australia since 2000 value the commitment of diet for longevity for all life stages. 

As breeding, exhibiting and training over the years, valuing the importance and understand the benefits of feeding our dogs on a daily basis with premium, natural, fresh, raw whole foods our dogs have grown strong and healthy, they have been the success story behind the development of The Right Start Pet Foods.   

Understanding the science behind dog food, feeding this formula, dogs began to excel in health, vitality, energy, behaviour, appearance, structure and overall well being through diet and exercise optimizing their potential with a well balanced and nutritious diet essential for their health.  

17 years of combined knowledge, research and sourcing premium quality raw whole food, free range or wild wherever possible, ultimately resulted in delivering a highly nutritious pet food for our own dogs, family and friends have enjoyed their dogs consuming "The Right Start Pet Food" complete meals and seen significant improvement in their dogs coats, health, energy and vitality levels, particularly their behaviour and well being.  

17 years is a lengthy time, but necessary as it has allowed the evolution of this unique, balanced recipe available today. Feeding this formula since 2009 has provided phenomenal results. Numerous canine enthusiasts, breeders, pet owners, professional trainers, Veterinarians, Animal Physiotherapist over the years have requested us for our diet; due to the obvious signs found while their pets consumed the diet, therefore The Right Start Pet Foods,"Paleo for Dogs" signature range was born.

2016 was the official launch of The Right Start Pet Food Signature Range Of " Paleo for Dogs", Australia's first raw, natural 100% freshly prepared whole food meal for your pet packed with the essential nutrition, vitamins and minerals every dog requires on a daily basis.  All this backed up by a guarantee Certificate of Nutritional Analysis Report. (click on nutrition to read more)

At The Right Start Pet Foods we are excited to now extend this product to every Australian family household pet in 2016. We value your feedback and look forward to hearing your comments with "The Right Start Pet Food" as your choice of pet food for your beloved dog. This is just the beginning...The Right Start Pet Food ensures the product will remain at a premium nutritional level, that's our promise to you and your pet, no compromise will be made on quality of products sourced.

What Does The Right Start Pet Food Deliver?

Human Grade Australian Ingredients you can trust, that is our promise and guarantee
Real Raw Fresh Premium Ingredients (sourced as whole fresh foods, not processed, free range or wild whenever possible)
Your pets dietary needs met (Highly Nutritional Complete Meal)
Rich in Protein (Natural source only)
High in Omega 3, Omega 6 & Omega 9 (Natural source only)
Essential Macro and Micro Minerals (Natural source only)
Calcium Rich (Natural source only)
Healthy Digestion (Raw as nature intended)
Typical Analysis (Australia's 1st Raw 100% Natural Pet Food Study)
100% All Natural Ingredients (no preservatives, no additives, no colours, no flavours, no chemicals, not sugar, not salt, nothing artificial)
Conveniently packaged serving portions, bulk packs for multiple pet owners and breeders

*Convenient (delivered to your door) Sydney Metropolitan Area Thursday & Friday. Melbourne & Brisbane Metropolitan Area Thursday, in addition some regional areas. Wollongong Thursday, Canberra Friday, South Coast Thursday, Central Coast Thursday & Friday, Newcastle Thursday Friday.

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Why compromise when 100% NATURAL, RAW & FRESH is always BEST!