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What is Paleo For Dogs?

It is simply straight forward...Fresh, raw dog food.  Mother Nature created the ideal and perfect recipe for dogs...Dogs were created with the essential tools for survival...It is a BARF Diet 
Diet For Dogs


The evolution of dogs and humans...plenty has changed.

In today's modern times, humans chose to genetically modify and highly process their foods.  Why do we feed dogs synthetic vitamins and minerals?  When they are naturally found in a Raw, Fresh, Well Balanced and Unprocessed Foods.  Why does the majority of the pet food industry cook and process their foods?  

Applying heat kills off all the essential enzymes required for a dogs digestion, changing this process factors many health concerns as the dogs natural digestive system requires to process an unnatural food they have not been genetically designed to digest.  

High sugars, No enzymes, Synthetic vitamins and minerals, Preservatives, Additives, Colours, Flavours, Chemicals are just a few of the artificial foods feed to dogs today.  This plays many factors in the Ph of their bodies, dogs naturally balance their ph acids and alkaline levels through a Raw, Natural Diet.  

Processed dog foods create high levels of inflammation and acidity which is the breeding ground for chronic diseases and many health related issues the modern world has created.

Not all things are created equal; particularly when it comes to dogs nutrition, Mother Nature got it right, The Right Start Pet Food has formulated a recipe developed over 11 years since 2009 through understanding the science behind the food we feed, the importance of a balanced diet and the necessity of allowing a dog a fresh natural raw diet that was specifically designed for them to digest easily and obtain all the essentials they require for their well being.  

Paleo for Dogs was designed purely for dogs.

Paleo for Dogs is suitable from puppy to adult, intake will vary depending on age, weight, breed, sex, life stage, reproduction and activity levels.  It is a fresh appropriate diet, that will provide healthy generations of animals.  Reproductive health is genetically passed on through diet and environment.  

The Right Start Pet Foods offer "Paleo for Dogs", it is a 100% Natural Premium Raw Wholefood Meal sourced from premium quality ingredients, free range and wild caught whenever possible, selecting only the freshest in ingredients.  We put a microscope over the entire diet, years of research, study and trials which has developed into what has become Australia's 1st all natural, protein rich, nutritionally sustainable complete meal.

The Right Start Pet Food is the only pet food in Australia with a Certificate of Typical Nutritional Analysis Report to have Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9, together will all the essential Macro and Micro minerals available.  Click on the Nutrition Tab to learn more about the nutritional value for "Paleo for Dogs"

Why compromise when 100% NATURAL, RAW & FRESH is always BEST!