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  • Laila &Me Dehydrated Australian Golden Nuggs 80g

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    Dehydrated Golden Nuggs Chicken & Turmeric Treats!

    Packed with lean protein and anti-inflammatory properties, these Golden Nuggs air-dried dog treats are made with free-range, low-fat chicken breasts and a turmeric paste for a delicious and nutritious bite-sized snack for your furfriend to enjoy.

    Turmeric specifically has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich properties that can help boost your dog’s immune system, prevent cancer, ease joint pain, and more! The turmeric paste is a blend of organic turmeric powder, cracked black pepper, and coconut oil, which is basted on the chicken. To activate the turmeric’s powerful health benefits, cracked black pepper is added to the paste.

    Since chicken is a lean protein that dogs love, these treats are great for weight management as well as additional nutrition to your dog’s diet. 

    No nasties like GMOs, preservatives, artificial flavours/colours, fillers, sugar or salt are ever used in Laila and Me pet treats and thats why The Right Start Pet Food LOVES them!

    These treats are a sure WINNER, super delicious and crunchie offering a texture to your doggie bowls

    Features and Use:

    • Immunity-boosting dehydrated free-range chicken and turmeric dog treats
    • Lean and low-fat protein dog treats made with chicken breasts - great for weight management
    • Contains essential amino acids (protein), B vitamins and selenium (immune health), phosphorus (bone health), zinc, iron, and magnesium
    • Made with a special turmeric paste that includes organic turmeric, coconut oil, and cracked black pepper
    • Turmeric is known as an anti-inflammatory that helps with circulation and inflammation - great for joint pain
    • Cracked black pepper in ingredients to help activate the turmeric for better absorption
    • Air-dried and minimally processed to ensure maximum flavour and nutritional value
    • No chemicals, GMOs, carrageenan, fillers, salt, sugar, artificial flavours/colours or preservatives
    • Approved by animal nutritionist Clare Kearney
    • Excellent training treats that are chewy, crunchie and delicious!
    • Made in Melbourne, Australia, in small batches for freshness
    Sizes Available: 75g 

    Ingredients: Free-Range Chicken Breast, Organic Turmeric, Organic Cracked Black Pepper, and Organic Coconut Oil

    T&C Apply Toys and Treats are ONLY available with any dog food purchase - This is a RSPF Deal offering our valued customers savings on toys and treats that we will have available from time to time!