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  • Laila & Me Dehydrated Australian Lamb Liver Treats - 100g

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    Dehydrated Lamb Liver - Healthier Treats For Boosted Nutrition.

    Use these all-natural treat for training or for everyday additions to your dog’s diet, you’ll feel guilt-free giving your furry friend a holistic and single-ingredient treat they’ll love any time of the day.

    The Laila and Me Dehydrated Lamb Liver is made with 100% Australian lamb liver, which is a highly nutritious animal organ that is loaded with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and protein.

    Tasty and addicting, these air-dried lamb liver bites are great to supplement with your dog’s meals. No chemicals, GMOs, carrageenan, fillers, salt or artificial flavours/colours/preservatives are used with these treats.

    100% natural and delicious Australian lamb liver treats, offering a healthy, hypoallergenic treats for pet owners with dogs that have food allergies or sensitivities. 


    • Grain-free, single-ingredient dehydrated lamb liver organ dog treats
    • Made with 100% Australian lamb liver - highly nutritious animal organ
    • Minimally processed and slowly air dried to retain natural flavours and nutrients
    • Hypoallergenic pet treat for dogs with food allergies and sensitivities
    • No chemicals, GMOs, carrageenan, fillers, salt, artificial flavours/colours or preservatives
    • Approved by animal nutritionist Clare Kearney
    • Can be used as an all-natural training treats
    • Made in Australia in small batches for freshness
    Sizes Available: 100g 
    Ingredients: Australian Lamb Liver

    NOTE: These are natural products and what you receive may look a little different from our photos. We do our best to provide accurate pictures but due to the nature of the drying process of natural products, it may look different.

    Make training or everyday snack time more nutritious and exciting for your dog!

    T&C Apply - Toys and Treats are ONLY available with any dog food purchase - This is a RSPF Deal offering our valued customers savings on toys and treats that we will have available from time to time!