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  • Training Clicker by Doog

    $8.95 $7.95

    Training Clicker & Whistle 

    This clicker and whistle in one is a great tool to have for dog owners looking at accelerating their training. Train any dog into being a good dog is easy with the Doog Clicker with built in whistle function.  Attach to your treat pouch, walking

    belt or bag with the convenient d-ring attachment.  Clickers are fun to use, the sound cue for a dog is brilliant when learning new tricks and drills, a tool to use in combination with or without treats when effectively used the clicker can take your dog to the next level of training as your dog associates the click as the reward for the desired outcome behaviour.  The clicker never fails to deliver the precise sound you dog needs to associate with training.

    T&C Apply - Toys and Treats are ONLY available with any dog food purchase - This is a RSPF Deal offering our valued customers savings on toys and treats we will have available from time to time!